1. MobiMine is an OEM independent system that has the ability to monitor the cycles times of any make and model of Haul Truck used in the earthmoving industry.
  1. MobiMine is locally developed and supported, offering customisation and on-going development.
  1. MobiMine is a non-intrusive solution that operates independently and can easily be incorporated into existing production management systems.
  1. MobiMine has a high benefit /cost ratio. It is a powerful tool in the hands of production managers and can be used to analyse production problems quickly and benchmark and identify better performing assets.
  1. MobiMine is a near real-time fleet tracking system. The system complexity and the human resource requirements to operate and optimise the system are much lower compared to a real-time system.
  1. The total cost of ownership of a passive (compared to a pro-active) fleet tracking system is much lower because it does not require an extensive wireless network, no control room is required, less sophisticated telematics equipment is used on the machines and it also requires a far less comprehensive front-end information system (user interface).