Features & Benefits

The MobiMine system is a plug & play telematics solution developed primarily for users who do not want complex, layered systems that require significant resources to operate.

Key capabilities of the system include:



Remote management


This is a passive (non-invasive) tracking system. No control room is required to manage the system



The system runs in the background and no operators or dispatch personnel are required to manage it.

User interface A basic web-enabled user interface allows the customer to input data and specify system parameters and output.


The intuitive user interface enables system configuration and customisation.
Reporting A number of standard reports are accessible through a web- enabled platform. These reports are able to produce reliable productivity statistics on haul truck cycle times without human interaction. The reports give management the tools to analyse operating events and take corrective action with the confidence that comes from detailed and timely information


Wireless network The solution utilises the standard cellular (GPRS) network and no wireless infrastructure needs to be installed on the site. The solution can be implemented with a small number of machines spread across a widely dispersed geographical area.
Scalable The system can be configured for any size mining operation and is able to support any number of machines and users. The solution can be implemented on a small scale and grow in concert with mine expansions and production changes.


Dashboard The dashboard shows current position /activity of production equipment on  an interactive map together with shift production stats. A dashboard view of operation gives 24/7 visibility into performance and production variances, making it easy to know when to intervene in the execution of mining plans.