MobiMine makes use of a telematics unit, GPS and wireless technology to record haul cycle operations on site. The system’s primary function is to capture, manage and interpret haul cycle data and transform it into production and activity reports. The on-board telematics unit is able to automatically log the haul cycle data and wirelessly transmit it to a central server where the data is processed and converted into management reports, alerts and dashboard displays.



MobiMine is used by mine operators, supervisors and management requiring a reliable, user friendly and cost-effective system to monitor the productivity of their haul fleet. The system is able to automatically log fleet utilisation and cycle times and identify production bottlenecks instantly. It is a vital tool to keep management up-to-date on production performance.

MobiMine is developed largely for opencast mines/quarries that are obliged to use manual logging systems mainly because existing solutions are too expensive or too complicated. Small to medium sized mines normally don’t need an optimised dispatching system and although they might be quite content to do fleet scheduling manually, they would prefer to get more accurate, comprehensive and timely operational data compared to what manual systems can provide.

The business intelligence capabilities of MobiMine provide a web-based reporting client to ensure that operations managers have reliable information to act upon at any time. Major production deviations are automatically reported and alerts are sent to the people who are responsible to take corrective action.



The system provides the following outputs:

  •  Dashboard – display location and activities of haul trucks on interactive maps together with critical shift production data.
  • Reports – a number of standard reports are available to report on the productivity of the haul truck fleet. The reports and communication methods can be customised for each user.
  •  Alerts – critical events can be flagged to notify responsible managers as soon as out-of-range parameters are measured e.g. machine breakdowns.


The key to achieving optimum production is having an accurate and reliable monitoring system that gives you timely insight into the operating status and performance of your haul fleet. MobiMine’s analysis and reporting capabilities enables informed decision-making by identifying the constraints on achieving targets. It thus enables sites to get the most from their resources, equipment and staff and helps to drive productivity to a whole new level.